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   In 2013, a visit to the mountains of North Georgia opened up one door leading to another after one seemingly random visit to this store and a few conversations with the previous owners, the business changed hands. With the help and support of friends and family, the store served the community and our customers.

     Then early 2015, We officially changed the name to Happy Goat Trading Company and started to offer our own brand of goods at the store in Blairsville. people would come from all over to get a taste of country life and visit with our animals.

     2018 brought a a major change to the store. The Georgia DOT decided to expand the road and acquired 47 properties throughout the town. This effectively shut down our beloved store front which later would be demolished for road construction. 

     2023 - The New Year is bringing some changes for Happy Goat!

     Happy Goat is opening a brand new line of products as well as selling some of our old familiar favorites. Check out our NEW ONLINE STORE to see what we offer.

     We will also be visiting some events and markets with our new Goat Cart built specifically for our goats to pull. We will be selling our new products at these events and markets from our goat-pulled wagon. 


Contact us through Facebook or our contact page for bookings.

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